Is it possible to rent a building completely for office premises

Any type of activity provides for the availability of an office. As a rule, an enterprise or organization that is just starting their labor activity in order to save money rent a premises for an office. This, on the one hand, allows you to choose a prestigious area, with the necessary infrastructure, a favorable place for the location of the office, and the office itself is a perfectly exquisite view, because both a potential client and a promising partner, first of all, pay attention to the appearance of the building in which The office is located, and, of course, on the appearance of the office itself.

The solidity of the company should show in every little thing, in every interior details, only in this case you can count on the growth and prosperity of the company. The rental of premises for office is on the basis of a double -sided lease agreement. His state registration is necessary only if the lease term is delayed up to a year and longer, otherwise the need for its registration is not. The contract is considered valid if it fully contains all the necessary information and is fastened with seals and signatures of both sides. If it is difficult to conclude an agreement on your own, it is better to resort to the services of a competent lawyer.

After that, the parties move to the transfer of property, which is accompanied by the preparation of the acceptance certificate. It displays all the nuances, quality problems of the building, if any. At this stage, you should be extremely careful, since the hidden defects of the building can be hung on you. When all paper issues are settled, and the documents are put in order, you can safely equip your office in the rented room.