Is it possible to rent a housing with a subsequent ransom

During the period of stagnation of the real estate market, which is observed after the events in Ukraine, it makes sense to talk about such types of transactions as rental housing, but not simple, but with some additional capabilities, for example, ransom.

The whole point of the transaction is that the owner of the housing and the tenant, and subsequently the owner of the rented housing, conclude the contract after the expiration of the lease, subject to fully extinguished value, real estate goes into property. Pay attention to the fact that until recently they were considered risky and they were quite rare. Many lawyers are sure that in this type of transactions there are risks for both buyers and sellers, since there are no mechanisms of price formation and mechanisms for the implementation of such transactions. Please note that when you buy an apartment, you will probably need to make repairs, for this you may need to use, such a material as the I -Taurus Beam

There are many questions on this type of transaction, but in the case of banks refusing a mortgage, for the buyer, this type of transaction is the only possible for property to receive property. In addition, the buyer is free from bank wraps and mandatory types of mortgage lending insurance.