Is it possible to rent an apartment to foreigners: what to take into account

Recently, practice shows that many residents of the capital are willingly ready to rent an apartment for foreigners. However, in this case there are exceptions. For example, not hunting, Muscovites rent apartments to visitors from neighboring abroad, Asians, Caucasians, and if they rent only in the last turn, and prices rise almost twice. Also, statistics show that they are reluctant to settle visitors from Belarus and Ukraine, who in most cases are not ready to pay a lot for the apartment and constantly ask to revise the price, bargaining. Again, according to statistics, Muscovites with free apartments prefer to rent out visitors to Europeans. Who come to the capital on business issues or a business trip, in rare cases with a family or with their soulmate, without children, usually. Similar residents are more loyal to rented apartments. Renting apartments to such foreigners in most cases is successful. But in any case, in order not to take risks, contact any real estate agency and make a normal housing rental contract that will protect both you and your tenant from additional issues and problems for the future. Do not forget about the desires of visiting foreigners. According to various sources of metropolitan real estate agencies, foreigners prefer housing that is located within the center of the capital. Thus, apartments located in the areas of Frunzenskaya, Leninsky Prospekt, Sports are in particular demand. I also note that the requirements of such foreigners for the apartment are also high, so they prefer apartments with Euro repair, good furniture, full bedding, and a complete set of plumbing.