It is better to move to new housing than restore the old

President of the Russian Federation c. Putin in the process of holding a working meeting with the governor of Kamchatka in. Ilyukhin suggested refusing to carry out restricted and renewal work to bring dilapidated housing in the region, and start new construction. There is no sense in repairing old buildings, because it is better to follow the path of getting rid of junk. Because it is not Honda Civic Moscow. Putin recalled that the regions allocated significant funds under the program for increasing seismic resistance, and then asked how this work was moving. The head of state proposed to go along such a way when, due to the allocated dilapidated housing, it would have to be demolished at all, and in the vacant place to build a new, but more seismic resistant. Now preparing a whole microdistrict for delivery. Interestingly, according to a similar scheme, an additional new microdistrict is built. So the governor of Kamchatka Ilyukhin reported. According to him, the decision adopted by the regional authorities to carry out the repair of dilapidated housing – the wrong. Today, according to the certification of the Kamchatka governor, they spend up to fifty million rubles on each house. Therefore, if you add a little, you can even build new housing than these “nitches” restore. So believes the head of the region. Ilyukhin also emphasized that previously renovated houses look attractive only outside, and nothing has changed inside – the same fifty -year -old houses. It resembles a sloppy fashionista who is dressed on top in all stylish, branded, and underwater tights under the bottom. This situation is planned here. At a meeting with the governor, the president asked the development of the fishing industry in the region. According to Ilyukhin, this year the fishermen beat their last year’s record. So, the largest catch of salmon was almost three hundred and sixty thousand tons. Ilyukhin at the same time asked the head of the Russian state to support some proposals of fishermen. The governor also asked to allow fishermen to overload the raw materials obtained in the sea. Putin proposed to discuss the details of this idea separately. In general, the meeting ended positively, and the parties were satisfied with communication.