Moscow was resettled: what actions will be taken

A. Puzanov (from the Institute of Economics in the city of Moscow) spoke about the prospects for New Moscow, taking into account the statistics of the Moscow Housing Moscow program. Often, when considering the results for the first year of new politicians, the evaluation is based on the intentions, documents and statements. During the analysis of the main aspects in the problems of the real estate market, it is worth thinking about the following questions: what they did, what they did and what was not said or done – and, accordingly, will never be.

First of all, it should be noted an ever -relevant issue regarding the provision of housing: judging by the results of the census, one person in the capital accounts for 18.7 square meters, and this indicates a strong increase in the gap to provide housing between Moscow and Russia. And this gap will continue to increase. Naturally, statistics need reservations. Thus, on the one hand, the figure of this meter is obtained by dividing the total population into the total meter of all city squares. This mechanism does not take into account Muscovites and non-Moscow, who have more than one housing. Back in 2004, the property of Muscovites in the suburbs amounted to more than 1 million possessions. Along with the development of territories, the owners can completely transfer these ownerships to the status of “first housing”, then the same Muscovites who will come to their country houses in order to settle in new territories will be added to 250 thousand of the Podmoskvich.

Judging by the figures, it is clear that Muscovites not only do not “have” a room for each family member and living room “, but even just one room. In Moscow, at least there are not enough 3.5 million rooms – or 7 million, if you add non -existent living rooms. The most dense settlements of the capital are the outskirts, and no trends to change the situation are expected. There are declarations regarding the fact that there will be no high -story multi -storey buildings for the Moscow Ring Road, but there should be discrepancies in the intentions of the authorities with the capabilities and wishes of the developers themselves.

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