New principles of planning and accommodation of housing have appeared

Now we are using new principles of planning and accommodation of housing – we carefully enter buildings into the natural complex of the city. The land in the city, especially in the center, is very expensive. Therefore, the city is faced with the most important task of the soft, gradual withdrawal from the center of industrial enterprises and the construction of housing, objects of the cultural and social sphere in the liberative areas. But, in order not to lose jobs, we bring these enterprises closer to sleeping areas, we build new buildings in which new technological equipment will be located. The lower cost of land on the outskirts often fully compensates for the costs of transferring these enterprises from the center to the periphery. Today, one of the most basic tasks for Tula is the solution of the program “My yard is my entrance”. We have 15 thousand yards and territories, 50 thousand entrances, which are in Tula. She works for everyone who lives in the city. An individual architectural solution should be found for each yard, individual small forms have been created. We had to create an industry for the production of these very small forms. After such a program, many will want to buy a new house in Tula.

In Tula, in my opinion, the optimal relationship has developed in the interaction between power, architecture and public organizations. Despite the fact that creative disputes often arise, that sometimes the optimal solution is painful, we are systematically engaged in this work, we conduct public urban planning councils twice a month, and this allows you to get certain results.

Yuri Gnedovsky made a report on the activities of the Union of Architects of Russia “Architecture of Russia at the Border of Russia. First of all, he congratulated those gathered on World Architecture Day, and also reported that the Union of Architects turned to the country’s leadership with a motion to make this day a state holiday.