Price policy for renting an apartment in China

Good afternoon to all fans of Asia! A long dream is a trip to China. I hope that it will be possible to break out for six months. The stay is expected about three to four months. Maybe then I will stay again, but so far it’s too early to talk. There are certain plans for both regarding relaxation and training, and it is possible that work. Presumably I will go to Beijing. A question arose. In the hotel for such a period, it seems to me, it will be a little expensive. I want to ask for help and advice from those who understand the topic. How much does a one -room apartment rent? Are there any differences in areas? Also for insurance – I want to know if there are options for renting one room in the apartment, where someone else lives. And what is the price in this case?

In general. The rules of pricing policy are the same as everywhere. The location of the apartment is the farther from the center, the cheaper housing. A set of utility and household services – toilet, hot/cold water, air conditioning, shower, household appliances in the apartment, etc. , also affects the price. The average apartment, not in the center, with an optimal set of amenities, costs from 2000 yuan. A normal apartment, with a location near the metro station, starts starting from 3,500 yuan to infinity. You can look for both through agencies and yourself. Walk around the area where you want to rent an apartment, usually in the rented rooms, attached pieces of paper with an ad and phones hang on the windows. Be prepared for the fact that the owner will ask for a deposit-insurance for an apartment that will return after you. Of course if you leave the room in the same form in which you took. The deposit is approximately one/two sizes of the monthly lease. Take a deposit for the apartment, Chinese practice in the rental market, so you will have to fulfill this condition. Also, you should know that in China, the owner of the apartment pays the agency, you should not pay the agency. About the district. The area choose the one that will be as convenient for you as possible in accordance with your goals, this trip. I can advise areas: Wudaokou, He Sheng Guo Ji, Blcu there relatively non -expensive apartments. About the room. You need to find yourself a tenant, or tenants, for joint rental. I give you a link to a Chinese realtor resource, which I myself have used it. The resource in English is dedicated to renting housing in Beijing.