Pricing factors of apartments in Egypt: What you need to know

This question is quite relevant, since everything is asked after you come from this wonderful resting place. Friends and relatives, looking at your tanned body, will imagine themselves in your place, and they will want to acquire real estate in such an unusual place as Egypt at your subconscious level. How much is the apartment in Egypt? And prices begin to rise from 19,500 – 21,000 US dollars and this is for an apartment with one room. But it is worth paying your attention to the fact that one-room apartment in Egypt is not at all like our Russian apartment, the price of which for some reason is unusually large. In Muslim countries, an ordinary one -room apartment is a many overall studio, where, of course, our Russian, having attached ingenuity, can make it a two -room. In general, at the moment, the issue of real estate in Egypt is very simple and relatively cheap. For 25,500 conditional units, you can buy a good apartment in a guarded house standing near the Mediterranean Sea, where there is such a luxury as a pool. This price will be minimal for good apartments. Like ours, the cost of an apartment in Egypt depends on the area, floor and distance to the sea.