Prospective planning: what is it, features

The availability of promising capital construction plans creates a reliable base for planning the work of construction and installation organizations for a long period. Each contracting organization has the opportunity to develop a five -year plan with the allocation of its tasks by year.

The presence of promising plans in each contractor organization allows you to choose an economically effective technical orientation of activities for a long period, to prepare for the work of future years, to provide customers with the opportunity to order technological equipment provided for by the project, to reasonably plan the need for labor and material resources. The availability of promising plans makes it possible to develop design estimates in a timely manner and take measures to increase the production base of construction.

The transformation of the five -year plan into the main form of planning does not mean refusing to develop annual plans, the role of which cannot be underestimated.

An annual plans, which are an integral part of the five -year plan, may make changes related to the need for the fastest implementation of scientific discoveries, the use of identified sources of raw materials and fuel, the development of new structures and technological processes, changes in the needs of foreign trade and solvent demand of the population, etc. P.

Improving promising planning at present cannot limit yourself to the development of five -year plans.