Queen Elizabeth Park: how to buy real estate in the village

3 kilometers from the city of Gilford in the UK, on ​​an area of ​​230 hectares there is another new village – Queen Elizabeth Park, for 525 houses. This is a mini-city satellite, more than 2500 inhabitants can live in it. The volume of the settlement is also dictated by the need for serious infrastructure elements for serious infrastructure, and location near the city is the presence of an office center, and the tendency of rapprochement of places of residence and work is quite relevant in the West. In addition to the office center, there are medical and public centers, nursery, fitness center and supermarket.

Buyers of suburban real estate, which is located at some distance from cities, are also no less demanding on cultural, social and health infrastructure. For example, the project for the construction of a suburban village of Les Jardins de Saint Benoo Economic class for a 171 one-family house, as well as a Townhaus (an object with an area of ​​46-173 square meters), 40 kilometers from the city of Saint-Loran de la Cabrees, France. Its construction was supposed to begin in 2009 and provided for the presence of a restaurant, spa, bar, sports infrastructure, including parks, tennis courts and playgrounds.