Real estate market is developing in the Middle East

Today in the world real estate market, investing in the region of the Middle East is actively developing, depositors consider it very promising work in this direction. Many of them purchase housing in the Middle East with the aim of subsequent renting it, since housing prices in countries of this region are quite high. Real estate of the Middle East is the most expensive in Tel Aviv, in the Israeli municipality. Here the price of a square meter of dwelling is five thousand dollars. The next on this list is the city of Dubai, where the value of real estate reaches four thousand dollars. Housing in the capital of Egypt Cairo can be bought at a price of up to $ 1,400 per square meter. Real estate of large cities of Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco is estimated at 1300-1900 dollars per square meter. The living space in the Middle East attracts investors because of its high rental profit. In many Middle Eastern countries, the profitability of renting housing is calculated by two -digit numbers. Tax legislation in these countries is extremely loyal. The amount of taxes is half the rental income. Almost any foreign citizen can acquire real estate in Egypt and other countries of the Middle East today. The governments of these countries create favorable conditions for satisfying the demand of foreign investors. Of particular popularity among depositors is the resort real estate of the Middle East, which is striving to acquire citizens of Italy, England, Russia, Ukraine, and in an incomplete stage, which is much cheaper than the completed project. For example, the construction of a new resort Sal-Kashish in Egypt is completed by one third. The final completion of the project is scheduled for 2014. At this stage of construction, real estate of the completed first line of the project can be purchased for a thousand dollars per square meter, but at the end of the construction of the entire complex, the value of real estate will increase to three thousand per square meter. This happened at a similar resort of El-Guna. Housing on the rebuilt first line of Sal-Hashish is already actively purchased by depositors, predicting profitable rental income. The ability to invest in real estate in the Middle East for foreign buyers is a great option to buy an apartment located at sea for yourself or, profitably investing money, rent out housing.