Real estate market state: how things are today

The last two years have become indicative of our real estate market, or rather not indicative, but indicators. Indicators of instability, fragility and precariousness. Therefore, today there is no consensus on what can happen in this area even tomorrow.

Radically opposite views in this situation have market analysts and realtors. At the same time, the former believe that in the near future its restoration to the level of 2013, realtors predict a speedy recovery of the real estate market.

The media that predict a further decrease in market prices also express their point of view. At the same time, the market today remains relevant to a decrease in the cost of real estate, the activity of the reduction depends on the region. This is noticeable when analyzing the market and price dynamics in different regions of our country.

Areas that differ in pre -crisis time high prices, now the value of real estate has significantly fell. This is characteristic primarily for regions with high economic development. In percentage, this is approximately 8-18%. In the capital, the decrease in prices occurs more gradually, because it is here that the highest market activity is observed.