Real estate operation management: what is it

The management of real estate operation is a set of measures for the operation of buildings and structures (to maintain the service, the creation of worthy conditions for the consumer, most often these are tenants, determine the favorable conditions for renting out, renting rent, etc. ) to achieve the most efficient use of real estate in the interests of their owners.

To date, all real estate objects are multifunctional, very complex engineering and technical complexes, requiring certain knowledge in the operation and maintenance of buildings and structures. The operation of such complexes is specific by the presence of a rather complex engineering infrastructure, the necessary building, combining certain functions: such as retail premises, residential apartments, business center, parking, etc. Only on condition that all issues of operation and management will be centralized, efficient management and operation of real estate is possible.

Management of commercial real estate, includes participation in the development of issues of the operation and maintenance of real estate, control of construction work, the acceptance of buildings and structures into operation, comprehensive maintenance of the accepted real estate objects, and the organization of work with tenants.