Real estate tax: new changes have entered into force

Since the beginning of the year, the law has entered into force on the need to pay real estate tax. Therefore, real estate owners are worried about how the tax inspectorate finds out that they own the property of two or more apartments or houses. The tax in obtaining the necessary information is helped by bodies that register the place of residence of individuals and Ukrgosreestr, which send all the necessary data there, the transmission rules of which were registered in order number 476.The tax enters: 1.Registration numbers of accounting cards of taxpayers or passport data and name of real estate owners; 2.Information about the type of real estate, its address, registration number; 3.Information about residential and total area of ​​real estate in property; 4.Type of common property, if real estate is in such, and the size of the share in the right of common property, if real estate is in common shared ownership; 5.The date of state registration of real estate rights and grounds for the occurrence. Well, if you are interested in the foundation cladding – visit the site. Only there you can lure the foundation with a stone without problems. The State Migration Service will be obliged to report to the tax on individuals whose place of residence is registered in the relevant settlements or removed from registration. The migration service will be obliged to send individuals to the tax name, their place and date of birth, place of residence, a series and number of a passport or a certificate of birth or other document certifying, the date of issuance of the document and the name of the body that issued the documents. Therefore, you can be sure that the tax inspectorate will have all the necessary information about the owners and real estate objects. Individuals had the right to reconcile information about the benefit of real estate tax, about the living space accrued amount of tax and the rate of real estate tax rate. For reconciliation, individuals need to contact the tax inspectorate with documents that confirm the ownership and documents that indicate the place of residence. After reconciliation, the tax can recalculate the accrued property tax on real estate. Only real estate is taxed, the area of ​​which exceeds the preferential one, but if the tax becomes known that the individual makes a profit from real estate and did not report this, he will have to pay a fine.