Reasons for investing in real estate Serbia

One of the most correct financial investments at any time was the acquisition of real estate. A particularly attractive direction in this regard is the investment in Serbian real estate, and even in Croatia. The rapidly progressive recreation and tourism industry of the Balkans is evidence that over the years the cost of real estate of these countries will only grow, bringing a stable income to its owners. Serbia ski resorts attract an increasing number of travelers and investors into it. In fact, the relatively young housing market rarely allows today to buy real estate in Serbia at a price absolutely affordable for the European. At the same time, not all foreigners can make a purchase. The variety of proposals (from a small apartment to the villa in the resorts zone) stimulates a lively interest in Serbian real estate. Probably, large investors and far -sighted businessmen are attracted to the likelihood of participating in the formation of a rapidly progressive and fairly promising local tourist market. Also, along with residential real estate in Serbia, areas for development, commercial real estate and ready business are in great demand. Montenegro is a country with a chic coast of the Adriatic Sea, it does not cease to attract a lot of people who want to acquire real estate in Montenegro. Many investors consider Montenegro and as a good opportunity to win capital, and as a permanent place of residence, and as a platform for building a business. Explanations are required by the situation with the apartments, t. n. apartments in Montenegro. Real estate value there – from 800 to 1000 euros per square meter for good planning apartments. Consequently, the acquisition of apartments in Montenegro will be a sufficiently winning decision. Speaking of apartment buildings, they mention the number of bedrooms, not rooms. On the other hand, one -room apartments in Montenegro are nothing more than a dwelling with a kitchen, living room and necessarily one bedroom. Simply put, the traditional one -room apartment for us in Montenegro is considered a studio, and the kitchen and living room in it are combined.

Buying real estate in the Balkans is a good and win -win investment thanks to many factors:

1) Real estate prices there have a continuous growth trend,

2) sometimes to purchase real estate in the Balkans is allowed both for the purpose of subsequent resale and for their own use,

3) It is very easy to buy real estate. Low prices for daily consumption goods, soft warm climate, sea, delightful nature, cultural and linguistic kinship become additional attractive factors that promote the decision to buy a real estate object in Montenegro or Serbia.