Rent of apartments in China: Important recommendations

If you need to rent an apartment in China, it is necessary to admit that the option with the real estate agency is most likely, or you can ask information from friends or on the Internet.

Regardless of the chosen option of finding housing, renting an apartment in China should be made with an official agreement with the owner of the housing, which concludes the real estate agency. This necessity is due to two main factors: in order to confident in their legitimate interests when living in the apartment (for example, if various misunderstandings arise), it may also be necessary to present an official agreement to the local police department, registering on residence – a mandatory requirement from the Chinese authorities.

For those who decide to rent an apartment, we give important recommendations:

Decide how many rooms in the apartment are needed. You can consult with friends, decide on the approximate rental cost.

What is needed in the apartment? Determine with the requirements for repair, the availability of equipment, furniture and other nuances.

The location of the apartment. Will it be next to the university, a place of work/rest for the convenience of living.

If you liked the apartment, but it does not have a suitable refrigerator, air conditioner or other comfort elements, do not despair. In China, the tenant has the right to offer for the owner to buy certain elements of everyday life, only after that to sign a lease agreement. But you also need to be more permanent with the requirements, it is unlikely that anyone will buy you a 50 inches liquid crystal TV.

Previously, you should clarify the owner of the apartment, whether there is access to the Internet in it, whether the phone is made. If there is, it is important to clarify the existing tariff conditions. If necessary, you will need to immediately change to avoid overpayments.

If there is no telephone line in the apartment or there is no Internet access, you can ask the owner of the apartment to solve this issue. However, it is better to select a suitable tariff for Internet connection to avoid misunderstandings.

It is necessary to clarify in the contract who will have to bear the costs of maintaining housing. Typically, in China, the principles of distribution of costs between the owner and the tenant are quite familiar, but it is better to pre -discuss.