Review of world mini-hotels: features, differences

Visiting “Cat Matroskin”

With the development of the Russian economy, Russian tourism flourished. And St. Petersburg, which is rightfully considered the cultural capital of the country, began to attract an increasing and more tourists, from the Russian Federation and from abroad who wanted to get acquainted with its sights. Now, for guests of the city, a variety of recreation options are available, from luxury luxury hotels to cozy mini -hotels and hostels, which make it possible to accommodate everyone at affordable prices, and “Cat Matroskin” is one of them.


Hostels-mini-hotels in St. Petersburg have been in timely high demand among guests of the Northern capital for more than ten years. Located close to the historical center of the city, providing comfort and the highest quality of service, as well as giving the opportunity to feel that elusive atmosphere of family comfort that large hotels cannot create, hail hostels on the Neva are waiting for their customers.


Cuba, Cuba, my love…

“Cuba Hostel” is an inexpensive hotel of a general type, which is very close to Nevsky Prospekt. Thanks to the Kazan Cathedral close from here, this institution is very easy to find. The rooms here are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10-seater. The most ideal option will be at the same time placing a whole excursion or tourist group.

“Red Bear”

“Red Bear” is the name of the youth type hostel located in the historical part of St. Petersburg. Next to him are Nevsky Prospekt and Uprising Square. Rooms in the hotel 4 and 10-seater, the total number of visitors here can reach 22-25 people.

Hostel “Arina” on the Square of the Uprising

If you are going to visit St. Petersburg, then you need to responsibly approach the choice of a hotel. The hotel should be located near the transport interchange. In choosing a hotel, its location plays the most important role, the comfort and attention of the maintenance personnel is also very important. The ARINA hostel is located near the Square of the uprising, from where it is very convenient to go for a walk along Nevsky Prospekt or the embankment along the Neva, to Palace Square or to the Hermitage. Also, a convenient location allows you to provide excursions to the suburb of St. Petersburg.

“Atmosphere Zanevsky”

Hostel “Atmosphere. Zanevsky ”is located in St. Petersburg at the address: Zanevsky Prospekt, house 32, building 2, very close to the Ladozhskaya metro station. These are nine different numbers: from 12 to 18 “squares”, five of them are double and four – three -seater. All rooms here are equipped with comfortable single beds, a capacious cabinet and bedside tables. Each room has a desk and a chair, as well as a TV.

Hostel “Living spring”

The city on the Neva has been occupied by one of the leading places in our state among scientific, technical, and among industrial centers for many years. Not only vacationers begin to come to this huge city, but also a large number of businessmen, workers of various industries, students.

“Another world”, modesty itself

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle, as well as creatively and spiritually developed people for living in St. Petersburg, is ideal for hostel DM. In addition to living, guests are given the opportunity to participate in trainings and events that are organized by a hostel.

“Other hostel”

For citizens who arrived in the city on the Neva for only a couple of days, the inexpensive mini-hotel “another hostel” can be interesting, and is always ready to open their doors in front of them. This cozy mini-hotel is located in the very center of the metropolis. In it you can see real Russian hospitality, excellent atmosphere and acceptable prices.

“All -Seesons” – comfort at a favorable price

Convenience, comfort and the necessary service for available money – this is how to characterize the Petersburg hostel “All Seasons”. This is the most affordable hostel in St. Petersburg, and besides, he is a member of the “Society for the Promoting of the Development of Hostel Metement”.