Springs complex: features of settlement in Dubai

According to the agency’s materials, at an auction where the Dubai Land Department proposed to sell a Springs complex, consisting of a number of comfortable villas, which are equipped by modern standards, including LED bulbs, most of the houses were purchased for a price, for a third, and even 40 % higher than starting. For example, a villa with two bedrooms, initially appreciated at 900 thousand dirham (DH), turned into the ownership of the new owner for DH 1.26 million. Apartments, the area of ​​which was 2.5 thousand squares that started 1.7 million with DH., were bought for 2.26 million, that is, a third more expensive. In total, the agency reports, five lots were put up for auction, and only one villa was not sold, and the other four far exceeded the starting price. Recall that Global Investment House – Kuwaiti Investment Bank at the very beginning of 2012 predicted a decrease in real estate prices in the first quarter. According to statistics, the main buyers of real estate in Dubai are Russians. A typical buyer is a Russian -speaking man aged 30-45 years old, having a family and children. The price category interested in our compatriots is up to 150 thousand. dollars, it does not matter, primary housing or secondary. More than half of the respondents would like to get installments or credit. It is also noted that our compatriots are more actively interested in the resort type of housing – more than 80%, and only in 19% I consider urban real estate options. Villas and houses are much less common, and the most popular (more than 2/3) is the purchase of housing in an apartment complex. For work, they buy real estate in 49 percent, and much more surveyed (71.5%) admitted that they need foreign real estate for relaxation and entertainment. 17.5% of respondents acquire housing for studying at local institutions and 15% for recreational courses. In addition, a third of compatriots acquire foreign real estate on the advice of relatives and the same – because of an unstable economic or political situation in their native state.