Svetlakov buy a new house in Jurmala and arranged a housewarming

More recently, it became known that after a long marriage of 12 years, Sergey Svetlakov and his wife Julia decided to file for divorce. At the very beginning, many thought that these were just rumors, but in fact it turned out to be true, which Svetlakov personally confirmed. He said that he and his wife remain good friends and are currently trying to get out of this situation with minimal losses of their own emotions. It is worth noting that Svetlakov did not sadly be sad alone. The divorce proceedings did not have time to approach his resolution, as he had already found a new girlfriend. She was a girl named Katya, who is currently working as an ordinary stewardess. It is worth noting that she comes from Kyiv. As you know, the artist spent a long time on vacation in Croatia with his three -year -old daughter Nastya. After that, he went to Jurmala in order to show his loved ones a new house in the Melluzhi area. He acquired this site last year. Then he stood 100,000 armor, that is, approximately 150,000 euros. After the acquisition of the site, he began direct construction on it. The comedian has already ceased to celebrate his housewarming in the circle of his loved ones and relatives. Garik Martirosyan was also present at the housewarming, as he also rests in Jurmala with his wife and children. The whole party took place on the terrace, since the weather was quite favorable. After that, the guests massively moved to the balcony, where the communication was still continued. As for the chosen one of the artist, she all this time was busy with the household and constantly put the guests of food.