The most unusual and picturesque hotels in the world

Perhaps to become the owner of the highest, most original in the architectural decision or the most fashionable hotel to an ordinary citizen is unlikely to be able to. But almost everyone can try to build the most miniature. We will introduce you some of the most outlandish hotels.

Very hospitable, but at the same time one of the most built -up cities in the world – Hong Kong – has become the place of the highest hotel in the world – The Ritz -Carlton Hong Kong. This is a hundred -seven -story building, on the roof of which there is a huge open -air pool. The Middle East La is always connected with luxury, therefore it is not surprising that it was there that the most chic hotel around the world was built. As it turned out. There is a special category assigned to the Burj Al Arab hotel – seven stars. It’s scary to even imagine the form of expression of such a fabulous luxury. But the leadership of prices belongs to the President Wilson Geneva Hotel, where the night in the royal apartments will cost you forty thousand euros. The most miniature in the world was recognized as Punta Grande Hotel. Its builders chose a rock on the banks of one of the islands of the Canary Archipelago. It has a unique story, as it was erected in the 17th century, respectively, its rooms were a shelter for pirates and slave traders.