The pros and cons of the purchase of the Autodoma: what to pay attention to

The top of comfort and amenities are fully integrated car houses. Usually it is usually impossible to determine which car has become the donor of the mobile part. Such cars are also built on the chassis of commercial minibuses, but have their own body and car designation design, completely subordinate to the plan of the car house. The main difference between such a car is a more convenient location of all household elements, more space and a spacious luggage compartment. Even a couple of bicycles can fit there without problems.


– By the convenience of living, he is able to compete with the apartment-living room;

– the highest degree of autonomy;

– drivers can manage it with a category certificate in.


– The large mass of the car requires accuracy in management;

– high price.

Typically, such cars rarely buy. Their cost starts with fifty thousand dollars for affordable models based on minivans to hundreds of thousands for an almost full -size house converted from a large bus. In addition to the high cost, a restraining factor when buying is that it is inconvenient to use such a vehicle daily, especially in the city: too cumbersome and rather slow, and even consumes a lot of fuel.

Of course, you can buy such a car in the secondary market. This is much cheaper, but the problem remains with the storage of such a car. A reasonable alternative is the rental of autodomas for the required period. For example, the rental cost per day will be 150-200 dollars, which is equated with the cost of renting a conventional car.