The situation in the real estate market in the capital: agencies reports

A wedding march sounded, a cheerful and noisy wedding died out, the guests handed all the gifts to the newlyweds, and then.. The next day has come. Young husband and wife woke up and at first the thoughts were delighted that they would now live with their parents. The advantages seemed obvious to them – this is the assistance of the older generation in everyday issues and the substantial saving of the family budget, excellent proposals are now anticipating new buildings at the metro Civil Prospekt. Yes, and what to say there – if there is still no your own apartment, then why not live with your wife’s parents?

But very soon, in a young family, constant quarrels and scandals began. And all because parents constantly intervened in the life of the newlyweds, regardless of their interests and habits. One thing is obvious – the older generation considered only its opinion that has the right to exist, and the young family – unequivable chicks, is the same defenseless, which are needed for daily control and guardianship.

This state of affairs did not suit a young family at all and they made the right conclusion out of what was happening – they decided to move from the parents of their parents in Moscow to their own. I know that many newlyweds found themselves in such a situation. Therefore, now we have come to the most important thing – to the advice for a young Moscow family on how to buy an apartment in Moscow/suburbs (in particular – in a mortgage). And in the absence of the necessary savings – how to rent an apartment correctly.

1) buying an apartment in Moscow and Moscow Region. In the secondary market, prices for a one -room apartment start from 4,000,000 rubles, for two -room rooms – from 6,000,000 rubles, for three -room rooms – from 8,000,000 rubles. These prices are approximate because a lot depends on the technical condition of the house and its communications, on the repair, proximity to the center. The cheapest apartments can be bought on the outskirts of Moscow in two -story houses, and the most expensive are in the areas of Prechistenka, patriarchal ponds. The choice always remains for you and depends on the amount you have to buy. In order not to lose, you must immediately contact a large metropolitan real estate agency, which has long existed in the market and has established itself well. Professionals will pick you up a suitable apartment, listening to your wishes and offers. As well as experienced realtors will check the “legal cleanliness” of the purchased apartment, correctly output documents in the registration chamber. In general, they will accompany you at all stages of buying an apartment and signing a contract of sale.

Very often (almost always) a young family does not have at least 4 – 5 million rubles in cash to buy their own apartment in Moscow. Then a mortgage will come to the rescue. You can take a mortgage for buying an apartment in the secondary market, or you can watch a new building. Again, in a new building you can buy an apartment at the construction stage or when the house has already been commissioned. An interesting fact in the topic: the most elite, expensive new buildings are in the prestigious area of ​​Moscow “Golden Mile”, and the cheapest are in the Trinity and Novomoskovsky districts of New Moscow. True, it is advisable to have 10-20% of the cost of housing, but if you do not have this amount, then do not despair. You can, for example, take the required amount on credit in one bank, and draw up a mortgage in another bank. Just soberly calculate your financial capabilities before taking two loans. Since both the husband and wife usually work in a young family, you can decide on this step. Just find a part -time job, try to increase the family budget as much as possible. And then you will succeed.

In the city near Moscow, apartments are much cheaper than in Moscow. Podolsk, Korolev, Balashikha and other cities of the Moscow Region, can also be attractive to the buyer. One -room apartment here can be bought for 2,000,000 rubles. But if you work in Moscow, and live in the suburbs, then this is very inconvenient, tiring. The road to work and back will take a lot of time and, in the end, finally torture. You can move to a permanent place of residence in one of the city near Moscow, having bought an apartment there. And work, respectively, in the suburbs. The apartment there can also be purchased in a mortgage, monthly payments will be affordable for any young family.

2) renting an apartment in Moscow and the Moscow Region. One -room apartment in Moscow can be rented for 25,000 rubles per month, two -room – for 35,000 rubles, three -room – for 45,000 rubles. In the suburbs, of course, apartments are much cheaper. The main thing is to contact a reliable real estate agency and conclude a lease agreement there. This will help protect you from scammers and swindlers, who are now a lot in the metropolitan real estate market.