The specialty of the office center is 1000: a completely glass building

The building has no windows in the building of the Center 1000, and this is not at all because the office employees do not look at the windows during working hours. Everything is much simpler – after all, one huge window is represented by the facade of the building itself.

How then the drawing applied to the facade will be preserved, because it is affected by bad weather? The fact is that before construction, each plate was covered with a special composition that would protect the pattern from burnout or fading. The drawing itself exactly repeats the image of a bill with a rating of a thousand liters, which itself already evokes thoughts of prestige and wealth. The author himself argues his choice of this particular bill by attracted by an elegant drawing applied to it. Of course, the goal of creating such a house was a desire to sell a commercial area more profitable. But in addition to these mercantile purposes, the creators had much more exalted goals: they wanted to show the inhabitants of their country the value of their traditions, as well as to cause memories of the most stable period of the people’s life, because the facade was depicted for a thousand -ruble bill, which was in circulation in 1926. This is the period of independence of the country, the period of peaceful life between the two world wars, which must be appreciated and taken as an example.