The village of Rozhdestveno: What is, Features

The house is located in the center D. Christmas, from three sides surrounded by the Istra reservoir. Development mainly cottage, 300 m to the church. Description of the house 2-story 4-level monolithic-brick house. Designed in strictly sustained English style. Built in 2006. For finishing work. Star layout: 1st floor – hall, living room, dining room, bathroom, office. Ceiling height – 4.5 m. 2nd floor – sleeping (free layout). Ceiling height – 3.5 m. Attic – free layout. The basement – layout for the gym, billiard, boiler room, etc. D. Roof – natural tile. Materials used in construction: reinforced concrete, blocks, brick, facing brick. House quality (reinforced concrete frame): B-30 concrete, 35 with granite gravel (specially brought from Moscow). Reinforcement a 500, on ceilings – 16, in columns 25-32. Description of the site rectangular shape 80 x 125 m, not mastered. Category and targeted use of land – lands of settlements for IZHS. Communication electricity, gas and central water supply – 50 m from the border of the site. Quality of access roads asphalt. Natural landscape to the Istra reservoir – 400 m. The highest point on Istra, the whole star disk is visible at night. Pure water, sandy beaches, pier. There is no free land in this place on sale, t. To. Nearby is a protected area in which rare types of cranes live. All around quietly, calmly, wide roads. There is a pond close to the site (it can be rented or redeemed).