Trad-In-in Scheme in Real Estate: Features

Anyone who would like to exchange their old apartment for an apartment in a new building can take advantage. This scheme has been used for a long time, but it was not actively used. And to the market, it was introduced at the time of the crisis. As soon as the market began to grow, the moment came when this type of acquisition of housing became relevant. Trade-in is not a long-term strategy-it is rather a push for purchases of housing at the time of bad sales. Moreover, buyers are very interested in this scheme. Old housing was built more than 40 years ago and is not suitable for modern parameters. Small kitchens, dilapidated communications – all this does not fit into modern life. But this scheme is still in a sluggish state. It can be problematic to calculate the price that would suit both sides, and for which I would have to buy first, then sell it and finally, all this is remembered. The method is more popular when an agreement is concluded for the purchase of new housing and the sale of the old. The requirements of real estate agencies also cause problems. Only Moscow apartments are accepted and no one should live in them, no one should be registered and plus the apartment should have liquidity to this. The real estate agency should include its two departments, the department of secondary and primary real estate, in one direction of work. The buyer appeals to the agency, an apartment in a new building is looking for him and is booking behind him, though the price is not fixed. Then the secondary real estate department puts up housing for sale. Typically, the sale process takes from two to three months. When the buyer was found for the old apartment, the agency’s client receives an advance and brings it as an advance for a new apartment. When the full amount for the old apartment is received, then the new. For the client, such a scheme, there are certain disadvantages. He, the client, has a small selection of apartments in new buildings. He also has difficulties with his accommodation while the transaction is completed. Also minus can be considered that the old apartment is bought at a low price (15-20%). Therefore, the surcharge can be significant. Trad-in, at the moment, is perceived as a forced measure. And its application will be limited. “Living” money for housing is a more interesting aspect in the life of realtors.