Types of lease of a country house: how to choose what to take into account

Almost all city residents are striving for the summer (or at least during the vacation) to leave the city. Those who do not have their country housing rent it for a while, usually for the whole season, and take care of this long before its onset. In addition to long -term rental, there is another option to remove the cottage for rent. There are several options for renting a cottage for a short time. You can find proposals for renting a house on the Internet, as a rule, such ads are posted by the owners themselves. At the same time, the tenant saves on the services of realtors, but spends a lot of time and cannot be sure of. Therefore, it is more reliable to look for a summer house through a real estate agency, where there are always many options and they are all proven.

The main problem is that there are few agencies involved in short -term rental, but this market is actively developing. Every year the demand for a short -term (from two days to three months) is growing, and not only in the summer and in the May and New Year holidays. But this business is considered unstable and related to high risks, and therefore, mainly private realtors or small agencies are mainly engaged in short -term rental, which prefer to work with expensive large objects. The cost of the lease is determined by the remoteness of the cottage from the city, the direction, comfortability of the house and the condition of the village in which it is located. The availability of security in the village, repair and the presence of good furniture in the cottage, the presence of a bath, sauna, pool, etc. also increase the price. P. Big houses are in great demand for 25-30 people, in which you can hold family celebrations, weddings, corporate parties and other events. Despite the high rental value of such cottages, it is quite difficult to choose the right option, since demand significantly exceeds the supply.

Most of the owners of country houses prefer to rent them for long -term rental, since the short -term is associated with large risks, and most houses do not satisfy the requirements of customers for holidays. Another reason why the owners do not want to rent a house for rent – the risk of destruction and related losses. The amount received for renting a house may be insufficient to restore it after the party. In addition, in this case, the contract is usually not concluded, therefore, all expenses are incurred by the owners of the cottage.

With long -term rental, the situation is different. Owners of country houses willingly surrender them for the whole summer season, and prefer to have regular tenants who come to them from year to year. Those who do not have regular landlords should take care of the cottage in advance, since there is even a queue for good options..

The market for daily rent is subject to seasonal fluctuations. The first peak of activity is New Year’s holidays. Prices at this time correspond to prices at the height of the vacation season. Then there is a decline up to the May holidays, but at that time the number of proposals is less than on the New Year, since many owners at this moment have already concluded a long -term lease for the summer period. The houses of old small buildings are usually unoccupied and without repair, which are not suitable for a holiday.

Despite the current state of the market for short -term rental, it has huge potential, as more and more people appear who want to rent cottages for summer holidays. For some of them, short -term rental is preferable to long -term, since they cannot live in the country or come there every weekend or love to change their restrooms.

Recently, a new option has appeared on the market for short -term rental of suburban cottages – summer cottages. Tour operators took up this business, but they are worthy of competition and boarding houses who build separate cottages on their territory with their own infrastructure and maintenance.

The cheapest option is separate small houses for two or four people located on the territory of boarding houses and rest houses. They are in great demand for family holidays.

Separately standing cottages or cottage complexes are more suitable for celebrations and entertainment events. They usually have a large territory in which the barbecue is located, a barbecue lawn, a bathhouse, a pool. At the same time, they are cheaper than many private houses, since they are distinguished by the simplicity of design and architecture. However, this direction is developing rapidly, and the level of comfort, and, accordingly, the price of rent, is growing.