Varieties of housing in Odessa: what type to choose

Most Russian tourists are formed by the same, they still prefer domestic rest to a foreign. Faced with the choice of a vacation spot, you will not be mistaken if you visit Odessa. In addition to visiting well -known attractions, such as the Richelieu and Deribasovskaya street, you also get a warm Black Sea, and sandy beaches in the immediate vicinity of the city. When going to Odessa, it is always necessary to remember that it will be necessary to rent housing for the duration of residence in the city. Given that Odessa is not only a business, but a huge tourist center, there will be no problems with renting housing. The question will only be in cost. You can choose the most banal option – hotel. But for some reason, recently hotel rooms in Odessa are so expensive that not everyone can settle in them for a while. A modern trend for today is the proposal of the Apart tourists – hotels that absolutely anyone can take advantage of with timely reservation. This type of housing is in demand among foreign tourists. But this option is available not only to foreigners. Apart – hotels are quite affordable for the average salary of a domestic tourist. Apart – hotels in Odessa are a small hotel complex in which Odessa apartments are combined. Book such a housing option is quite simple, using the Internet. The relevant sites have all the contact information, the description of the apartments and their photos, based on which you can make a choice in favor of a particular option. Prices in the apart – hotels are quite acceptable, given the fact that the apartments in such complexes are very worthy and quite comfortable.