Varieties of office premises: which option to choose

Businessmen are faced with the need to rent an office, to approach the choice of an office carefully and before you opt for your room for rent, you need to deal with the classification of offices. Specialists who are engaged in the sale and delivery of commercial real estate into the areas of conditionally divide office premises into three classes. European standards involve the division of offices into classes a, b and C. Nevertheless, in Ukraine and Russia, the classification of offices may differ slightly from the European depending on how close the office is located to the metro station, transport interchanges, how far to the city center. Class A offices can be attributed to the most prestigious objects of commercial real estate. In such office premises, the situation must comply with international standards, expensive high -quality materials were used for the decoration, repairs with the premises were most often performed according to the design project. High requirements for such offices are presented due to their belonging to the representative class. The class A office should be equipped with reliable elevators, the building should not be built earlier than 1999, must be protected and equipped with fire safety system. In addition, the protected parking should be present near the office, and the premises must be installed inside the enforcement and ventilation systems, the latest communications and engineering networks should be present. In class offices, the rental price is an order of magnitude lower than in elite office premises, this is a budget version of the office. Nevertheless, in such offices, the availability of high -quality finishes is required, the building must comply with the technical parameters, the presence of elevators, fire and security security systems, plastic double -glazed windows, forced ventilation and air conditioning systems is necessary. Most often, agencies offer the most offices that can be attributed to the class in.

In class offices with presentable level, it is far from international standards, such a room also does not differ in special comfort. Nevertheless, the demand for the rental of such offices remains high due to the fact that novice entrepreneurs most often do not have enough finances to rent a more expensive and representative office.