Varieties of real estate in the city of Podolsk: what to take into account

Today the city of Podolsk is one of the most actively built -up settlements in the territory of the Moscow Region. However, despite this fact, the cost of one square meter in this city not only does not become lower, but also constantly increases. Moreover, for this year several more sufficiently large construction projects will be implemented in the city.

Not so long ago, a sociological survey was conducted among the inhabitants of the city of Podolsk. Its results clearly demonstrated that about 67% of the city’s residents are sure that the value of real estate in Podolsk will increase by inflationary growth by about 5-10%. 9% of the respondents are sure that the increase in the cost of a square meter will be higher than 10%. The same number of citizens are convinced that no price changes during the year are expected. And only 6% of respondents relieve a bet on a lower real estate prices by about 5-10%.

Given the non -decreasing demand for apartments in Podolsk, there is every reason to believe that most of the respondents will be right. However, do not forget that a number of different indicators have influence on the value of real estate, and therefore to predict how the prices of the apartment will behave is sufficiently difficult.

As for the demand for certain varieties of real estate, a completely clear trend has been traced recently: more and more inhabitants of the Moscow region are preferred by more expensive comfortable apartments. A similar trend is most likely to remain and throughout the year.

Apartments in new buildings continue to be especially in high demand. The secondary, however, is also sufficiently acquired intensively, but by the beginning of the year, prices for it have decreased slightly (approximately 0.1%).

Analysts working in the field of real estate, at the same time, do not undertake to give any specific forecasts, preferring more streamlined formulations.