Varieties of restaurants: which option to choose

European cuisine. This term combines a variety of kitchens of European countries. As a rule, there is no clear definition of a European kitchen, depending on the region, it will have its own specific color. As a rule, the difference will be caused by the traditions of peoples and preferences in food. But there are unifying factors.

First of all, it is an abundance of meat and vegetable dishes, combined with all kinds of and seasonings and spices in the preparation process. There are many dishes in European cuisine using wheat flour. The use of eggs and their dishes is also characteristic of European cuisine. Also, before eating European cuisine, the use of high -quality alcohol is made.

Japanese food. It has its own traditions and features, due to the limited territory, Japanese cuisine is very limited in the use of products. The first place in Japanese dishes is occupied by rice, and most of it is prepared with its use. The main rice dishes in Japan are sushi. Lapsha is also popular and popular.

Many different soups of Japanese recipes preparing. The kitchen includes many vegetables and fish products. Also Japanese cuisine does not accept fried food and meat. Another difference, food is served in porcelain dishes, and instead of devices, the Japanese use sticks. The traditional Japanese drink is green tea, but from alcohol it is rice wine – sake.