Wat Arun: distinctive features of the hotel, description

Arun is the god of the morning dawn in the mythology of the Thai people. It is very revered by residents and of course they could not refuse him not to erect the temple. They became Vat Arun. To be this majestic temple in Bangkok, the city of contrasts. During the reign of Prince Taxin from 1767 to 1782, this temple complex received the title of the main royal temple. And for the period that ruled Ram I and Ram II, it was very upset and increased in size.

But in the eighteenth century, Prague was built on the territory of this frame, which is also considered the largest ping of all existing. Its height is seventy -nine meters. Moreover, it is not only the highest, but also created with a subtext. The tiers of which it consists symbolize many worlds. And the construction itself is the prototype of Mount Mer. There are four smaller pungs around it, they display the oceans. That the ground frames. And if you think over this building from the philosophical side, then the staircase that was created on the outer part is a prototype of complex and steep rise in the fate of each person to achieve spiritual height.

Well, as for the outer beauty of attractiveness, this must be expressed than the nineteenth century. During this period, reconstruction was carried out and the walls were decorated with tile and porcelain tiles.