What apartments are popular in the real estate market in Moscow

Thousands and tens of thousands of inhabitants every day want to rent a room or rent an apartment in Moscow; But with all this for a short period, a period of 3 days to one month and perennial agreements there is a specific demand that is growing.

Everyone knows that annually many provincials tend to conquer the expanses of the capital and hope to stay here for a long time. And potential tenants, in turn, increase their army. So, in 2011, their number increased by 15%, therefore, the number of transactions for renting an apartment in the winter months increased, and the growth rate was 10 −12% comparable to the same time last year. Some of the specialists claim that renting apartments in Moscow in demand has increased by another third.

It is worth mentioning that the scope of apartments is also very rapidly reduced, which is available, because such rent is in demand today, and the lower price segment, which is up to 30 thousand rubles, is significantly different in its increased activity. So, on the eve of the hot summer season, it is expected that a large number of those who go to educational institutions will look for apartments for their own, and some of those who have passed the exams will successfully live not in hostels, but apartments and rooms that are rented out.

The most popular, as always it was, are one -room small apartments at an affordable price. They account for about 2/3 applications, and about 30% want to rent more – two -room apartments.

Therefore, the issue of rent is very interesting and relevant today. And the number of rental transactions over time only grows.