What are service buildings and structures

However, with such a solution, the total length of the hotel building increases slightly and, therefore, the cost of landscaping and engineering communications becomes slightly higher.

With a double-row blocking of numbers both in a low-rise and multi-storey building, sanitary-technical nodes are usually blocked four and are located in the depths of the rooms, much less often between numbers, and in the presence of a central corridor, two and one of the parties is adjacent to it.

Plastic windows with their appearance caused a real revolution in glazing buildings.

As previously indicated, the organization of service in auto -tutorism institutions is due to the specifics of their operation, which provides for the creation of both comfortable conditions for the relaxation of the auto tutor, and the necessary amenities in terms of storage and maintenance of its car.

Based on the need to provide this – a set of services starting from the moment of entering the territory of the institution of auto -tutorism and ending when leaving for the motorway, the auto tutor must be provided with a place of residence (number, house, tent), meals, communal and household (including the rental of various things) and cultural services, and its car equipped with parking, as well as structures and devices for external care (cleaning, washing, etc. D.), repair and prevention (checking the mount and adjustment of mechanisms and assemblies, lubrication, refueling fuel, etc. D.).

Each of the types of service corresponds to their premises and structures, which (with the exception of premises and structures of maintenance) are usually located in one or more buildings that serve as a kind of public center. This center, very small in the motels and campsites of transit type, is significantly developed in final and combined types of institutions.

In low -rise institutions, individual groups of service premises (with the exception of the maintenance group) are often blocked with hotel structures, and in multi -storey ones, as a rule, the first and basement floors of hotel buildings are occupied and partially placed in them poetage.