What is a unique project “City in the city”

A project such as a “city in the city” appeared in the West in the 80s. The concept was that people could work and live in one place, thereby saving forces, time and money. Our objects began to appear much later – since the beginning of the 2000s. There are different interpretations of the term “city in the city”. As a rule, in a general sense, it should be a complex in one architectural style consisting of residential buildings and infrastructure facilities (service, household, social). There may be its own territory with green zones.

Experts believe that such a format is rather a need than the fashion. No one will refuse housing, while receiving a parking, a yard with children’s playgrounds, a school and a kindergarten within the boundaries of the complex. Thus, the desire of people to buy an apartment in such a “town” is explained by the fact that this is how you can get a more comfortable standard of living. It should be noted that the developer is responsible for the infrastructure of the “city in the city”, and the government agencies, which is much better. If we talk about the minuses, there are almost no, unless the complicated access to the nearest transport interchanges.

It is noted that the demand for housing in the city in the city is much higher than for point development or secondary housing. Statistics show that 81 % of those wishing to purchase housing are considered only complex buildings. Often, prices for point development are higher than with complex development. In the project “City in the city”, it is easier to reduce the cost of a square meter due to the scale of development. Examples of “cities in the city” in Moscow: LCD “Michurino”, MKRN. “Kurkino”, “Mirak-Park” and t. D.