What is hidden under the concept of “real estate”: decryption

For many citizens of Russia, the concept of “real estate” is associated with apartments, country houses, trade and office centers, production buildings. But this is far from the entire range of real estate objects, and perhaps one of the Russians has real estate owned, which is not even aware of. The category of real estate “by origin” today includes land allotments (plots), as well as the designated plots of the subsoil, inextricably linked to the ground and objects/structures, which, if they move them, will cause incomparable damage. This applies to buildings and structures of incomplete construction. In addition, in Russia there is real estate with the status “by law”. These are objects of state registration, which include, for example, aircraft and sea vessels of international and internal routes, all space objects. From a legal point of view, real estate is material objects and property rights to these objects. In practice, real estate often becomes a key to obtain a loan for it, that is, a mortgage or a leasing subject. Details on the site: Separate water bodies (for example, artificial ponds for breeding fish), which are inextricably linked with the ground, and the transfer of which cannot be carried out without prejudice, also include. Real estate also includes perennial stands, forests. Real estate, in contrast to movable property, connects jointly ships and railways with buildings. For the purpose of use, t. e. purpose, real estate is divided into categories – residential and non -residential. Real estate can be located within the city and is urban real estate. Objects that are outside the city line are called suburban real estate and include cottages, houses and plots, towhouses and cottages. The transition of real estate from the ownership of one person (legal or physical) to another person is carried out in a notarial basis.