What is social housing: distinguishing features

The Bevk Perović architectural studio has created a new complex of social housing in the peripheral part of the Slovenian city of Maribor. The complex consists of four buildings. Two of them in their form resemble huge cardboard boxes, which have a pronounced horizontal line in their basis. Most often, technical garbage after cleaning in the rooms is thrown into corruption boxes.

The other two houses are designed by a pronounced vertical straight line and more resemble towers in their appearance. Thanks to this type of building, residents of the microdistrict became owners of additional 130 social apartments. As part of the project, the existing free area suitable for the construction of buildings and municipal rules regarding territorial planning were taken into account.

The missing public places were designed in external and interior spaces in order to save free place. So, for example, architects found an original solution for using the roofs of buildings. A special flooring allowed to place not only playgrounds on the roof, but even a tennis court. The construction is an organization of apartments around a single communication core of the center with a standard typology. Each apartment has a pronounced personality due to multi -colored balconies located at different heights. This type of design makes a certain dynamic effect and makes the design of the building unique and memorable. According to the chief architect of the BEVK Perović studio, the choice of materials and the appearance of the facade was mainly due to the industrial and industrial nature of the environment.