What is the responsibility of the realtor: what to take into account

Often, people who have contacted the Rielter office do not understand the little: what is the responsibility of the lawyer and what is the responsibility of the realtor. And there are those that generally confuse these concepts. Let’s try to figure it out so that this does not happen again.

First, let’s try to delve into the distant past. At the very beginning of the development of the real estate market, most often there were not enough apartments for sale, and buyers, in turn, were excess. And it was at that time that the realtor began to fuss very much in order to sell real estate. Thus, he tried to quickly draw up all legal documents, and this work was not peculiar to him. This work was for a qualified lawyer. And then, because of the fact that there was no apartment for sale, that is, there was no work for the realtor, he tried to find an apartment, while the buyers had already been a whole turn for it, to quickly issue all the documents, including legal ones, And sell it. And to whom to sell, there was no need to look, because at that time there were huge lines for apartments.

Who is the realtor?

As a result, the final result of the work of the realtor directly depends on the legal verification for the purity of real estate. Thus, such a check is carried out directly during the purchase or sale process.

A realtor is a specialist who is directly engaged in customer service, and should not prepare the transaction documents. That is, his work is to connect both sides, come to a common decision, help form problematic compromises between the parties, carry out pre -sale preparations, he must conduct various advertising shares, and must also be able to talk, persuade and convince the client.

Thus, it turns out that the main object of the realtor is a client, he works directly with him, persuades, shows an apartment, adjusts to his mood, finds out his desires, calls up, determines in value, in a word: he conducts for the most part a diplomatic work. It is the realtor who must find the object that is suitable for you, organize a departure and a meeting with the owner. All this is included in the direct responsibilities of the realtor.