What is the Townhouse market: Features

All Townhauses in September 2013, the Discovery Research Group marketing agency performed a study, the purpose of which was to characterize the current state of the Townhouse market in the Moscow Region during 2009-2013. The experts who prepared the report also provided the forecast of its future expansion in the medium term. Currently in Russia, and in particular in the Moscow region, the Townhaus market is a representative of actively developing real estate segments as of 2013, the volume of the Townhaus market is estimated in the monetary terms of 217 billion. rub. ; In natural terms, the market volume reached an indicator in 167 villages or 3.1 million square meters. When compared with 2012, the market volume in monetary terms increased by 17%, the number of Townhouse villages increased by 13%, and the total area was 16%. The number of Townhaus sold, as experts calculated, is a third of the number of transactions of sale in the country’s market in the Moscow region. The largest sales in the Townhouse market was the cheapest villages worth 3.5-4.5 million. rub. The villages whose cost is in this interval accounts for more than half of all sales of the Townhaus in the suburbs (51%). The least sold villages, whose cost exceeds 6.5 million. RUB -4%. Shares in the total sales of villages, whose cost was in the interval between 4.5-5.5 and 5.5-6.5 million. rub. equal 30 and 15 percent, respectively. The average price of a square meter of Townhouse in the Moscow Region is 65-70 trot. rub. Muscovites (90%) can be considered the main buyers of Townhaus, the share of other residents of the country for this indicator is small. The Townhouse market, according to a number of experts, is also attractive to investors. So, in the near future it is assumed rapid growth in the price of Townhouse located in the nearest suburbs of the capital. But although the Townhouse market is considered today one of the most rapidly expanding and promising, there are still some problems in the legislation. Consequently, often, new villages are being erected in places not intended for buildings by apartment buildings (namely, this category is currently belonging to Townhales).