What is VAO: features, what to take into account

Being the largest administrative district of Moscow, VAO is characterized by a high level of business activity and is one of the most attractive Moscow districts attractive to the business. The area of ​​the district is more than 14% of the territory of the capital, and its population has almost one and a half million people, so it was here that an extensive consumer audience was formed. Accordingly, thanks to this, the rental of the office in the Wao becomes an attractive offer for subjects of various businesses.

The interest in renting an office in the WAO is also due to the fact that there is an extensive network of transport highways and metro in the district, which is why each area is located has a favorable transport and convenient pedestrian availability. The favorable environmental situation is also important: the territory of the Eastern Administrative District includes several large parks at once, including part of the area of ​​the Losynaya Island National Park. It is this factor that becomes decisive for those who seek to secure environmentally favorable and safe conditions for comfortable work and therefore would like to rent an office in the eastern administrative district of the capital.

The attractiveness of the district for entrepreneurs also consists in a wide selection of office buildings and premises of different categories. Along with elite office mansions and business centers of class A, the rental of premises in buildings belonging to categories in and with. Thus, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to choose a room whose rental rate would be measured with business profitability. In general, the rental of the office in the Wao is inexpensive, in particular, the rates are much lower than those that exist in the business center of Moscow.

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