What new buildings appeared in the New Moscow area

Without sufficient funds for the purchase of an apartment in the central part of the city, many middle -class buyers began to focus on buying budget housing in modern areas of New Moscow. In the absence of the subway and not very developed infrastructure, there is a great hope for the promising development of these city districts remote from the center. The low prestige of the settlement abroad is compensated by the convenience of transport connections with metro lines. It is even easier to get to the subway stations in the morning in the morning of the metro stations than from the remote sleeping areas of the city. The design of the development of new buildings in New Moscow is of high quality and is fully consistent with the norms of comfortable residence. Small -budget construction is actively carried out at the construction sites of New Moscow.

Almost all new buildings of New Moscow relate to economy or comfort to the class of newly built housing. Large developers have long been negotiating regarding the placement of complex buildings near MKAD. After the adoption of the general plan of the development of the districts of New Moscow, a new wave of construction in these areas will be provided with orders. Already rebuilt housing arrays will also continue their development.

Today, in the areas of New Moscow, more than forty projects, various purposes and storeys are being implemented. Low -rise and multi -storey objects of point development and a variety of multi -format residential complexes are successfully sold to various categories of buyers at very democratic prices.

It is expected to raise prices in those areas in which, after the publication of the General Development Plan, the construction of the subway and various high -level infrastructures will be promised.