What new buildings were put into operation in Moscow

The metropolitan authorities officially announced a competition that aims to determine the main developer of the scheme for the location of all extra -budgetary housing. This was recently reported in the official press service of the construction complex of Moscow. It is worth noting that this message did not cause a whole storm of excitement in the media, but, despite this, it became one of the main news of the market last week. This shows that significant housing construction in Moscow will definitely not begin for about two years. It turns out that no processes of development and approval of projects will also begin so early, since they usually occupy at least two years. The main stage of construction development will begin only at the end of 2015 and early 2016. It is these terms that are the most optimistic, since nothing can be expected so far. It is worth noting that some locations that will be determined by the scheme will offer consumers more affordable housing. At the moment, we are talking about extrabudgetary housing in general. It turns out that it can be simply offered enough. Developers will squeeze the maximum benefit from all the intended areas, which is a completely normal phenomenon today. As for the possibilities in the MKAD, then there are practically no. The end of the competition is scheduled for November 12, it was then that the winners will become known, who will continue to carry out appropriate construction. The results of the creativity of the developers will only become obvious in a year, so they simply have nowhere to hurry and this is also completely normal.