What’s new in the premiere cabin: design features

Compared to the appearance, there are no special changes in the car interior. All the same simple tissue upholstery, wide light glass, a spacious rear seat for three passengers (with three full -fledged three -point seat belts). Solid dimensions of Primera (length 4.52 meters, width – 1.7 meters) allow you to feel comfortable for both the driver and any of the four passengers.

There is enough space above your head. The front seats are especially convenient, as they have many adjustments, and only the height of the chair is manually adjusted, and everything else – using servo drives.

The steering column (adjustable by inclination) almost does not overlap the dashboard. At least the scales of the main devices are visible at any position.

In any configuration (“Elegance”, “Sport”, “Luxury”, “Comfort”) and in any body version (4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback and 5-door station wagon) Primera is equipped with a new climate control system, which It itself regulates the microclimate in the cabin, given the changes not only of the outer temperature, but also the degree of heating of the cabin (!). The system is turned on by one press and automatically adjusts the speed and temperature of the fan. Manually regulated only the direction of the flow of warm air.

In combination with heated seats and front glasses, this will give a lot of pleasant sensations in winter.

In addition, the standard PRIMERA package now includes electrical lifts of the front side glasses, electroregulation of lateral external mirrors and 6 speakers of the acoustic system.

Among the innovations in the cabin, we note perhaps a bright silver decoration of the dashboard of the central console. In the old version, the design of Primera looked not so friendly. (Here it must be said that we are talking about the most simple configuration of Primera – “Comfort”. Naturally, in more expensive versions, leather, velor, and aluminum trim appear in the cabin).

In general, beautiful, comfortable and without excessive luxury. As befits a respectable family car worth only from $ 12750.