What to include on the hiring of official housing

If you got a new job in another area or city, then you may have a problem with housing, especially if you have to transport the whole family with you. And the solution to the problem will be the use of office housing for living.

When official housing is provided, a person must understand that this procedure has a number of nuances. Because perhaps you will not live here as long as I would like. For official housing is understood to mean a certain premises intended for living a citizen in it, in connection with the nature of the labor relations between the person and the state authority or local self -government, as well as the state -owned enterprise or institution. Therefore, living is directly related to the implementation of professional activities. In accordance with the legislation, such housing refers to a specialized housing stock. Such housing is provided for use by decision of the owner of the premises or the person authorized by him or the body under the employment agreement.

Service housing is most often provided to military personnel who move from place to place. Usually they do not stand in line for official housing for a long time, since its issuance is made on unified lists for the entire state. To obtain housing, it is necessary to decide the administration of the institution or enterprise.

If you have already been provided with official housing, and you have funds for the purchase of real estate, then maybe it will be better than Cyprus real estate than a house or apartment in your state. It will be nice to know that you have a great place for a summer vacation.