What to inform the agency for the search for an apartment for renting

Renting an apartment in Thailand is available in a wide variety, which is due to the popularity of this country. We will try to bring several important tips, taking into account which you can rent an apartment in Thailand, most preferable for yourself. The rental of an apartment in Thailand is usually conducted through specialized agencies, which need to indicate the following information:

Be sure to report the required number of sleeping places.

It is also required to indicate the approximate budget and its range, so that you are offered only the appropriate rental options.

How much should be in the apartment of bedrooms. It is important to consider that an apartment with one bedroom in Thailand is an apartment in which there is a bedroom and a living room, in fact, two different rooms. Accordingly, an apartment with two bedrooms will include three rooms, and in the studio the bedroom and living room are one room.

Tell the possible preferences in the location of the apartment, the distance to the sea and other objects necessary for your comfortable rest.

Thoroughly illuminates the issues fundamental for you. For example, the presence of the Internet, a view from a window, an additional sleeping place for a child and other conditions.

After choosing the most suitable options provided, it will be possible to pay the booking of the selected object. In most cases, the property owner can request about 20-50% of the monthly rent-the amount is a reservation deposit. These funds will be taken into account in your final payments. However, in a situation, if you have not arrived, they will not return. Various options for translating the reservation deposit are available, from which you can choose the most suitable. In addition to the rental fee (with long -term rental – fees for the first month), when checking, the payment of the insurance deposit is also required. The amount of this amount is determined by the quality of the chosen housing, also. Can be in the range of 30-200% rent. If you spoil the property, the insurance deposit will be used to compensate for it. In the case of early termination on your initiative of a long -term contract, this deposit will not be returned. It is also usually assumed a separate payment of electricity, water and the Internet. Read also how to buy an apartment in Thailand.