What you need to know about expensive apartments of Crimea

On the Crimean Peninsula, elite apartments at prices will give odds to the villas of tropical islands. To buy a penthouse in Nikita or Yalta, an average Russian must save his salary for several hundred years. The most expensive penthouse in Yalta costs $ 2.8 million. This is an apartment at 378m2, it has equipment and furniture, repairs were made. She is located in the Yalta Breeze, where there is a pool and a playground. At the same time, the use of decorative ceiling beams brings wealth and luxury to the interior. To give an interesting look, the beams are finished with special hotel materials that allow you to maintain the natural beauty of the tree.

In second place is the apartment for 3 rooms in p. Lower Oreanda for $ 1.9 million. Its area is 160 m2, it is located in the lands of the Postane “Wisteria”. Here to the beach is 100 m, there is equipment and furniture in the room.

In 3rd place, housing on the embankment of Yalta, which has 12 rooms, it costs $ 1.6 million. The object has 2 levels, a built -in garage, a winter garden, a fireplace hall. Housing area 500 m2.

In 4th place the apartment in p. Nikita for $ 1.46 million. Apartment at two levels, its total area 366m2. There are 3 bedrooms, dressing rooms, kitchen-dining room, living room, shower and sauna, bathroom, cinema hall and billiard rooms.

There is also a 5-room apartment in Nikita for $ 1, 25 million. This is a housing of 250 m2 on the 11th floor of 13th floor. There are 3 loggias and 2 bathrooms, a turnkey repair apartment, and 100 meters to the beach. These prices can be compared, for example, with a villa on tropical islands for $ 2 million and a Piper Jet reactive aircraft for the same amount.