Where to buy an apartment: in a new building or stalin

We often and more often notice that they are building all new houses. The cost of the apartment in such houses is high, given the fact that often there is nothing in them – only bare walls, windows and entrance doors. It is much less common when they provide housing with repair.

But the question is not that, but that the quality of such new buildings is very deplorable. They can crack during construction-due to improper calculation of groundwater. But what can I say when such a house is in operation.

Stalin enters the game here. They were built in 30-50. last century from white or red brick, overlapping reinforced concrete or combined. Often in the basements they placed bomb shelters. But then the question is why they still cost quite expensive and the demand for them does not fall? Quality. The only answer. Change pipes and wiring is all that you need to do when overhaul. These apartments are warm, have good isolation between apartments and the street, high ceilings up to 3.5 m, a large area of ​​the apartment. In addition, in some cases, buildings were built either in the city center, or in park zones, or in recreation areas.

Stalinks were built from 3 to 13 floors. If there are more than 5 floors in the house, then the elevator and garbage chute were necessarily installed (in our time they are often clogged, but if they are cleaned, they work). The number of rooms is 3-4, and 1-2 rooms are extremely rare.

Therefore, people often prefer to buy an apartment in the house that has been checked for years when the shortcomings of the house at first glance are visible. Whereas problems in the building of the new building are visible only for 5-8 years of residence in it.