Which hotel to choose Indonesia: a comparison of options

The capital of North Sumatra in Indonesia of the province of Medan is the fourth largest city in Indonesia. Polonia International Airport is located in the very center of the medan, while other large cities are connected by railways, so the city is often considered as the place of sending to more exotic places on the island of Sumatra. In the city of Medan there are a number of beautiful decorative mosques and temples, as well as many bizarre hotels that are ideal for travelers looking for small housing for short -term stay. The local currency of the medan is rupees, of which 1 $ 1 US dollar is approximately 10,000 rupees.

River Deli Hotel

The River hotel is located about 5.6 kilometers from the medan and belongs to the Dutch-Indonesian family since 1990. The hotel consists of two cottages with eight double numbers complete with a veranda with a view of a pond with fish and tropical gardens. The hotel has a pool built on the edge of the valley with a view of the river and jungle Sumatra, as well as a breakfast place. Room prices vary from $ 55 by USD for a single number up to $ 60 for a double room.

Address: Jalan Raya, Namrambe 129, Medan 20356, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Tel: +011 (62) 61 7032 964

Site: Hotel-Deliriver. Com

Antares Hotel

Antares Hotel is 15 minutes from Polonia International Airport, in the very center of the medan and has 73 rooms. A number of local cafes and shopping centers are located very close to the hotel, and the round -the -clock cafe is located in the hotel itself. The convenience of the hotel includes a welcoming drink during the arrival, spa, pool, bar / living room, and calls on calling. The rooms are small, but tastefully, there are satellite television and air conditioners in each room.

Address: Jalan Sisingamangaraja 84, Medan 20215, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Tel: +011 (62) 61 732 4000

Site: Grandantares. Com

Hotel Tiara Medan

The Tiara Medan Hotel is located in the very center of the coed and offers 97 numbers of increased comfort, 68 executive numbers, and 10 luxury. The rooms are supplied with a double bed, satellite television, mini-bar and air conditioning. The hotel has a pool, tennis and squat, a fitness center, as well as a pharmacy and a beauty salon. Prices for numbers vary from $ 110 for a high comfort number, up to $ 670 for the presidential suite.

Address: Jalan Cut Meutia, Medan 20152, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Tel: +011 (62) 61 451 9414