Why are one -room apartments in Odintsovo popular

The city of Odintsovo Moscow Region is located nine kilometers from the capital. The transport interchange is quite convenient, there is a railway station and more than six suburban bus routes, so getting to Moscow is not difficult.

They buy housing in Odintsovo, since the ecology is better, the price is lower, and remoteness from the capital is not critical. There are many tourist bases and forest around. Infrastructure is developed in Odintsovo and construction is underway. Under construction and finished apartments are equally in demand by buyers. Developers are preparing apartments in eleven residential buildings built in the ninth microdistrict of the city. Secondary market apartments are also in high -rise buildings, mainly monolithic. Buyers find a developer or in a real estate agency: it’s easier to find the right apartment. Also attractive Odintsovo district, you can buy an apartment in Golitsyno at a more affordable price.

One -room apartments are rented more often. But there are also those who want to. In Odintsovo, 25,000 – 30,000 rubles are renting a one -room apartment, and a three -room – 60,000 rubles. Communal leases are included separately. Furnished – this is an apartment completely equipped with equipment and furniture. Repair may be modest. It’s good if transport stops and shops near the house.