Why are real estate prices in small cities stable

Investing in real estate located in large cities is quite risky – in such places active housing is carried out, therefore, apartments may fall, especially in the secondary market. The same can be said about commercial real estate. A completely different thing – small cities located in the European part of Russia. Take, for example, a small town of Totma, located in the Vologda region. There are no many industrial enterprises in the city, but it is a very promising place for the development of the tourism industry. The city was founded almost a thousand years ago, so it has many interesting monuments of antiquity. Not every regional center boasts so many beautiful temples, so Totma is included in the list of forty one of the most valuable historical city of Russia. The Great Patriotic War almost bypassed the town, so so many ancient structures have been preserved in it. Local and federal authorities support the development of tourism in the city as much as possible, but a lot more needs to be done. There is only one large hotel in the city, therefore, if you purchase an apartment in it, you can rent it to the arriving tourists, who are becoming more and more every year. Now the prices for any real estate in Totma are very low, for the equivalent of the cost of a one -room apartment in the capitals, you can buy from a dozen multi -room apartments.