Why are real estate prices on Goa Island rising

More recently, India was considered a country with the lowest living standards and did not attract the attention of investors. But times have changed. Today, in some states, including Goa, there is a galloping increase in real estate prices. What explains this Indian phenomenon?

Most of the regions of India were British colonies, but Goa was under the rule of Portugal. This affected the ethnic composition of the state and its cultural foundations. The staff is notable not only its origin and a very small territory. Today, foreign investors who wanted to invest in the construction and purchase of real estate paid close attention to him. The attractiveness of such projects consists in a low price of one square meter. Its average cost in Goa is approximately $ 200, while in neighboring regions the smallest price ranges from 600-700 dollars.

This is explained by the absence of uniformly distributed infrastructure in the staff of a relatively small number of jobs and a low level of industrialization. However, in recent years, the tourist business has begun to develop in Goa, which entailed the construction of hotels, entertainment centers and other facilities.

All real estate in Goa can be conditionally divided into two groups – real estate in the northern and southern parts. North Goa chose youth. It has many beaches, restaurants, bars and entertainment centers, which are attractive for active tourists. Southern Goa is a place of rest of people of middle -aged and wealthy. They value more comfort, stability and tranquility more.

This specificity is reflected in the nature of investment. In Northern Goa, real estate is bought with the aim of leasing it. In South Goa, it is more profitable to build objects for their subsequent resale.

Real estate prices in Goa attracts investors here. In certain regions of the state, the growth of housing increases each year by 200-250 percent.

Experts claim that businessmen will continue to invest in real estate Goa. If there was a more calm political situation and there were no economic tension, then prices would have long taken up. Their galloping growth is prevented by the legal system, which does not really encourage foreign investment.